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You've found the online home of the late TV icon, Bob Denver. His legacies - Little Buddy Radio and The Denver Foundation and his wife’s passion, Always Free Honor Flight have a home here also. Bob's wife Dreama and her team maintain this site and thank you for stopping by! It’s a great place for a three hour tour - this 

Closer Weekly article “Bob Denver Facts to Fill You with Admiration “ 

is the perfect place for your tour to begin!!

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Gilligan Shirt and Hat

For the Very First Time!


 Bob's Iconic Gilligan shirt and hat will be on exhibit at the 

Hollywood Museum beginning September 26th in 

celebration of 55 years of Gilligan's Island!

The Hollywood Museum

1660 N. Highland Ave.

Supreme Little Buddy Radio Listeners

Two former Supremes and one beauty from Tony Orlando & Dawn

Little Buddy Radio

Little Buddy Radio Takes You Back in Time

Little Buddy Radio rocks the airwaves online around the world and at 93.1 FM in Princeton WV!  The format, spanning all decades and all genres of musical memories, makes it possible for music lovers everywhere to ‘Cruise Through Time”!  Download the tunein radio app to your smartphone or just say, "Alexa, play Little Buddy Radio!"

The station is nonprofit, owned and operated by The Denver Foundation, Bob’s last and most personal legacy. Our mission is to 

assist families dealing with special needs and to support and 

honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans. 

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The Denver Foundation

P.O. Box 931 Princeton, WV 24740